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Do you love deserts? Then you’re going to love the Dubai Desert Safari. With more than 500 happy customers, we feel proud to provide the best Desert Safari in Dubai. You won’t experience any hassles or confusion during our desert safari tour. From camel riding to belly dancing and from taking snaps of mesmerizing sunsets to spotting exotic animals, it’s an activity you and your family will enjoy. Get the chance to discover Dubai with Desert Safari & spend memorable moments with your family and friends.

Dubai Desert Safari 2022

Desert Safari is an exceedingly unusual and extraordinary tourism spot in Dubai. It greets a considerable crowd of visitors round the clock. It offers a 6-hours long majestic desert tour loaded with entertaining dance performances and fun sports shows.

Desert Safari Dubai tour presents many appealing activities to let go of your weary heart and distressed mind. The trip also provides a variety of delicious food (veg and non-veg) and appetizers to preserve your strength during the journey.

The tourists, owing to their photography skills, love to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the dazzling dunes and the vast deserts stretching to the horizon. Desert Safari Dubai includes the following entertaining functions;

We offer eloquent desert tours at the three variable timings of the day

The tourists can choose any tour timing according to their desire and fascination.
We, being the most reliable Tour Operator in Dubai, lets the visitors enjoy the splendid Desert Safari at the most economical and budget-friendly prices. So if you, too, are curious about enjoying the entertaining Desert Safari Dubai tour, don’t hesitate to approach us. We provide matchless Desert Safari travels and other adventurous trips in the town.

A Majestic Arabian Desert, Dubai

Arabian Desert in Dubai is well known for its alluring beauty and calm golden dunes. This massive desert, blessed with the appealing picturesque and sparkling sun rays, is second to none. It engages a considerable crowd of tourists globally.

The day begins with the mild breeze accompanied by the radiating sun casting its warm rays on the Arabian Desert. The scorching sunlight sparkles the gigantic desert in no time. Within a few hours, the sun progresses to the western pole and starts losing its appearance. When the sun ultimately sets in the west, the glowing moon makes an entry. The moonlight and the glittering stars high above the sky further enhance the charm of Desert Safari Dubai.

Moreover, the miraculously growing plants with the flowers blooming on the few despite the water scarcity are a treat to watch. You may also come across various wild animals, including snakes, raccoons, scorpions, and lizards. Desert Safari is one of the most reputed adventurous trips in Dubai, especially for those who are curious to explore and discover new things.

Being the top-class tour-operating company in Dubai, we ensure the tourists’ security, health, and solace, throughout the desert safari trip. However, the adventurous amusements and memorable experiences remain our top-notch preference while cruising through the fantastic deserts in Dubai. We will serve you the delicious and savory Buffet having both veg and non-veg options. You can also enjoy grilled BBQ with fizzy drinks in the lonely desert.

Therefore, if you are willing to cherish the beautiful safari moments in Dubai deserts, tighten your belts and avail our discounted offer to travel the world-class desert safari in Dubai without delay. Our cooperative and all-time available customer support service will help you decide on the best offer concerning your liking

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Overview of Desert safari dubai

Are you looking to get an ultimate desert safari experience? Hang on, Check out the latest desert safari Dubai deals!
Pick & Drop
Our best tour guide will sign you up for a thrilling desert safari tour as per your trip schedule. We suggest picking up facilities, such as water and snacks, in preparation for this 6-hour excursion.

An experienced driver greets you with a smile and helps you into the 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle, whether it is your first-time dune bashing or if you are already familiar with the dangers of this thrilling activity.
Camel Ride
A camel is a lot like a Segway. They both offer similar experiences, and they’re equally exciting to ride. At Desert camp in the middle of the desert, you can make a traditional Arabian experience by depending on the top of your Camel as it climbs up and down dunes— reaching new heights of exhilaration!
You will be welcomed at the desert base camp, where you’ll enjoy Arabic coffee and a refreshing cup of tea. You’ll also have unlimited access to water throughout your day on camelback.
Dune Bashing Session
A 4×4 Land Cruiser is used for dune bashing in the Dubai desert safari and is the perfect vehicle! It’s comfortable, powerful, and can easily handle rugged terrain.

After some well-deserved rest, it will begin an exhilarating journey on top of massive sand dunes giving you an adrenaline rush like you’ve never had before. It’s something that’ll make your heart skip a beat, but with a skillful driver, our safari won’t be as daunting or risky as you might think!
Desert Bedouin Camp
After your camel riding, horseback riding, and quad bike ride have worn you out; you can enjoy some rest in our recreational camping area. We are sure about the old Arabic tents beside the campground that were set up for the purposes of enjoyment with entertainment shows.
Live Entertainment Shows

Part entertainment, part spectacle, and pure fun, an Egyptian cultural show is sure to keep your eyes glued to the stage! And then yet another treat: a fire show by an incredibly talented male artist who dips his body in petrol and sets his entire torso on fire while performing acrobatic feats dance moves!

Inclusions & Exclusions of Desert Safari Dubai

Looking for the best desert safari in Dubai?… Hang on, and check our Dubai desert safari deals

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Explore Desert Safari Dubai
like Never Before

Desert Safari Dubai offers a wide range of safaris that include something for everyone. Our safari types include dune buggies and quad bikes. We recommend customers try the popular Evening Desert Safari, and we’d be happy to help you arrange an overnight stay if you prefer a more deluxe experience with our trusted drivers.

Why should you Choose Desert Safari Dubai?

Dubai Desert Safari
Desert Safari Dubai
For the past three years, we have helped more than half a million people of all ages experience the holiday of their dreams. Whether it’s something close to their home or in another country, we’ve made sure that our clients got to see wonderful things— from breathtaking mountains and sandy beaches to bustling cities and rich historical sites.
Tour guide
Our desert safari Dubai tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and into the red dunes of the Desert Mountains. We have the best tour guide in Dubai to give you the most thrilling experience.
NO Hidden cost
Unlike other agents, we don’t charge any hidden costs from our clients. You can choose the package which you think is ideal as per your needs.
Affordable packages
If you are looking for the cheapest tour packages for Dubai Desert Safari, then we suggest you look no further. We guarantee that what you get in our packages will affordably not be matched anywhere else on offer.


A desert safari is bound to bring out the adventurous traveler in you! A 4×4 Land Cruiser takes you for a ride across massive dunes of sand. You’ll have enjoyable camel, henna tattoos, and belly dances under starry skies at a serene camp inside the immense Empty Quarter.

All you have to do to book a thrilling safari tour is contact us directly by phone: +971 52 656 5207

If you’re expecting, or have back problems, then we recommend not taking the dune basher and instead advising the driver to drop you at the Bedouin campsite.

We strongly recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothes and open sandals or shoes when visiting. A hat or sunglasses are also recommended to help protect you from the sun’s rays.

The food options at this event are plentiful and will satisfy everyone, whether you’re a vegetarian or not. There will be a total of 15 dishes, including salads both green and sweet.

Find out more desert safari packages

Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Looking to fit in as much fun as possible and pack as many activities into one day? See the desert safari in the morning! The Morning Desert Safari takes place early in the day.
140 AED
Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

Spend the night under the beautiful desert stars in one of our glamping tents and wake up to watch the sunrise over the dunes.
250 AED